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Kenmark Real Estate Group, Inc.
Kenmark Commercial, Inc.
Kenmark Controls, Inc.
Kenmark Properties, Inc.
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T: 415 782 5500
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Building Operations Center

Clients include:
Echelon Corporation
Electronics for Imaging, Inc
Ocean Colony Partners
Pension Funds
Private Investors

Partnership Projects include:
Kenmark Corporate Center
Lido Plaza, office center
Redwood Shores hotel site Skycrest Homes
Spyglass Living Homes

Kenmark Real Estate Group, Inc.
Kenmark’s Real Estate Group specializes in the highly strategic and detailed aspects of project design and development, forming partnerships with clients that can lead to a dramatic increase in investment value.

We are...
Respected industry leaders
Expert strategists and negotiators
Creative financial experts
Trusted partners

What we do...
Development services: design, finance, and construction
Strategic and detailed entitlement processing
Political, environmental, and regulatory management

For more information, visit the Development section in What we do or contact:

Bruce Russel    Bruce Russell
Chief Executive Officer
T: 650 560 0055